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Structure and use of ash unloading ball valve


Henan valve valve co., LTD. Production of ash discharge ball valve according to the transmission of different divided into electric ash discharge ball valve, pneumatic ash discharge ball valve. Manual ash unloading ball valve, hydraulic ash unloading ball valve, etc. The following is the structure and purpose of electric ash unloading ball valve.

The electric ash discharge ball valve is composed of valve cover, valve body, lower valve stem, ball, valve seat, bearing, packing, gland, bracket, upper valve stem and electric head.

1. The valve adopts a middle flange gasket sealing structure, and both ends are flanged.

2. The closing mechanism is composed of an electric head, a valve stem and a ball. The electric head is used to drive the ball to rotate through the valve stem to fully close or fully close the valve.

3. The sealing surface of the valve seat is made of wear-resistant material, and the surface of the ball is hard plated, which is wear-resistant and anti-scratch.

4. The valve stem is modulated and heat treated, with good comprehensive mechanical and corrosion resistance.

5. The valve seat is supported by spiral spring, which compensates for the initial sealing effect after grinding.

The ash unloading ball valve is mainly used for installation in the blast furnace gas ash, sewage, waste slag, mud and other dusty particle media pipeline as a connection and cut off medium for opening and closing equipment. More knowledge of ash unloading ball valve can be contacted (WeChat with the same number) 13703820603/15551530000 to the total