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Classification and operation of ash discharge ball valve


Ash ball valve is evolved from the globe valve, the entire valve is through the ball around the valve body center line for rotation to achieve the opening and closing of a valve. Ash ball valve in the pipeline is mainly used to do cut off speed, distribution and change the direction of flow of the medium. The ash discharge ball valve is a new type of valve which is widely used in recent years. According to the different transmission is divided into electric ash discharge ball valve, pneumatic ash discharge ball valve, manual ash discharge ball valve, hydraulic ash discharge ball valve, etc. The classification and operation of pneumatic ash discharge ball valve are as follows.

Pneumatic ash discharge ball valve according to the structure is divided into floating pneumatic ball valve, fixed pneumatic ball valve and elastic ball pneumatic ball valve, according to its channel position can be divided into straight-through, three-way and right-angle. The latter two ball valves are used to distribute the medium and change the flow direction of the medium.

Before the operation of the pneumatic ash discharge ball valve, a. confirm whether the pipeline and valve have been flushed. B. the operation of the valve is completed by driving the valve stem to rotate according to the input signal of the actuator: when the valve rotates 1/4 turn in the forward direction, the valve is closed. Reverse rotation 1/4 turn, the valve is open. C, when the actuator direction arrow is parallel to the pipeline, the valve is open; when the arrow is perpendicular to the pipeline, the valve is closed. D, take off the flange end on both sides of a protective cover, in the valve open state for flushing cleaning. E, before installation according to the provisions of the signal for the whole machine test, qualified before installation. The installation shall be strictly in accordance with the circuit diagram of the transmission actuator. f. The impurities inside the pipeline shall be washed and removed before connecting with the pipeline. In order to avoid damage to the valve seat and ball. g, the installation of the valve should be in the horizontal or vertical direction with the pipeline, h, the installation can use the pipeline bracket or support to eliminate the deviation of the pipeline. After connection, the flange connecting bolts shall be cross-locked according to the specified torque.

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