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Introduction of maintenance and advantages of blind plate valve


Blind valve, also known as plate valve, eye valve, mainly to cut off the gas medium of a valve. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, high temperature resistance, light and flexible use, high sealing performance, long life, convenient replacement and many other advantages. In the process of using the blind plate valve, what methods should we take to maintain it, the specific introduction is as follows.

1. First of all, the manual blind plate valve should check whether the attribute description conforms to the pipeline design before installation and operation.

2. Observe the pointer position and the dial, clockwise to close, counterclockwise to open.

3. After the electrical installation is wired, the valve of the blind plate valve should be opened to a half-open position, the power supply should be turned on, and attention should be paid to micro-action debugging. After the opening and closing directions are correct, confirm whether the stroke control and torque control are effective. Pay attention to whether the power supply, motor, and phase sequence are correct. The signal shows that the opening and closing directions are inconsistent with the actual opening and closing directions, which may damage the valve and cause accidents.

4. If the pipe temperature exceeds 100 ℃, an anti-scald warning sign should be installed.

5. Pay attention to the distortion of the pipeline, the external force caused by thermal expansion and contraction, etc. shall not be added or transmitted to the valve.

6. After the blind plate valve is installed, it should be fully opened when the system or pipeline is tested.

7. If there is medium leakage during the opening and closing of the blind plate valve, it is recommended to install pressure relief control equipment before the valve is installed.

8. Before debugging the blind plate valve, please extend all the bolts around the telescopic device to ensure the telescopic amount.

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