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Installation, use and maintenance of blind plate valve


henan on the valve of a joint stock limited company production of blind valve electric blind valve, pneumatic valve, manual blind valve, worm blind valve, hydraulic blind valve and so on. The installation method and maintenance of blind plate valve are as follows:

A, before installation should carefully check the valve model, specifications, the use of medium, the use of temperature is consistent with the pipeline design.

B. The arrow indicating the valve on the valve is consistent with the flow direction of the medium on the pipeline. Remember not to install it backwards.

C, check the valve in the process of transportation clean and intact without damage before installation.

D, manual operation clockwise to close, counterclockwise to open, pay attention to the operation of the hour hand or indicating dial.

E, electrical wiring to check the sequence of electrical phase is correct before installation, after wiring application "inching" mode careful debugging, and notify the company in advance.

F, electric pile wiring, to manually open the valve to the semi-open position, in the power supply, with micro-debugging, switch is correct to confirm whether the stroke control torque control is effective, can be officially put into use, to prevent the signal display due to power supply, motor phase sequence error caused by the opening and closing direction is inconsistent with the actual opening and closing direction and serious damage to the valve, causing major accidents. After installation, the valve shall be fully opened during pressure test of the system or pipeline.

G, can use welding flange, can also use socket welding structure flange. If the temperature of the medium pipe exceeds 100 ℃, a scald warning sign shall be installed on the valve. In the process of opening and closing of the blind valve, the medium has external leakage. It is recommended to install butterfly valve and other pressure relief control equipment before the valve to reduce the external leakage of the valve during opening and closing. When installing the blind valve, the base should be fixed with bolts on the steel platform or cement foundation. The blind plate valve has been debugged when leaving the factory. When using, the blind plate should be manually operated in the middle position first. When the power is turned on, it should be operated to observe whether it is the same as the loosening and clamping direction of the valve. h. Before debugging, the three bolts around the telescopic device must be loosened to ensure the telescopic amount of the telescopic device.

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