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Classification and Maintenance Precautions of Blind Plate Valve


henan on the valve of a joint stock limited company production of blind valve is divided into electric blind valve, pneumatic blind valve, hydraulic blind valve, open flapper valve and closed flapper valve. The following is a detailed daily maintenance of the blind valve.

The installation position of the blind plate valve is not specified under the condition that the external force of the pipeline does not act on the valve. The valve shall not be pushed and twisted by the external force caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the pipeline or other reasons. The long structural expansion device can only be used for the opening and closing of the valve itself, and cannot replace the expansion device that should be provided in the pipeline. External forces generated by various factors in the pipeline should not be applied to the retractor.

The blind plate valve is installed and used in a vertical position. The bracket is fixed to the valve base. When working, the force is on the bracket. The sealing surface is not allowed to be attached with dirt. When in use, the sealing surface and the screw rod are cleaned regularly and filled with lubricating oil. The driving device is not allowed to be used for lifting. When not in use for the time being, it should be placed in a drying room with blocked diameters at both ends. It is not allowed to stack the products arbitrarily to avoid damage to relevant parts of the products.

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