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Structure and Daily Maintenance of Electric Closed Valve


The electric closed flapper valve is composed of front valve body, rear valve body, valve plate, telescopic body, left and right sealing boxes, through plate, blind plate and switching device, loosening clamping device, etc. It is connected with screw nut pair through sprocket, chain. The valve adopts sprocket type multi-point clamping mechanism. The sealing ring is double-sided seal, installed on the valve plate, reliable seal and convenient replacement. It adopts a top-mounted structure, which reduces the connecting bolts of the valve body under high pressure and large aperture conditions, enhances the reliability of the valve, and can overcome the influence of the system's own weight on the normal operation of the valve.

1. The purpose of use and maintenance is to prolong the service life of the valve and ensure the reliability of opening and closing. Do not support other heavy objects with or by the valve and do not stand on the valve. 2. Always check and maintain the integrity of the valve parts and check whether the nut of the handwheel falls off. 3, do not often open and close the valve, but also regularly turn the hand wheel, the valve stem thread on the lubricant, to prevent bite, outdoor valve stem to add a protective sleeve, in case of rain, snow, dust and rust. 4, the stem thread, often with the stem nut friction, to be coated with a little yellow dry oil, molybdenum disulfide or graphite powder, lubricating effect.

The maintenance of the fully enclosed plate valve should be treated with a scientific attitude in order to protect the service life of the valve and reduce the failure of the valve. The performance of the plate valve is very significant, and careful care can be used reliably for a long time. For more information, please contact manager 13703820603/15551530000 of Henan shangvalving valve co., ltd.