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Electric closed flapper valve used in which industries


Electric closed plate valve is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, municipal gas pipeline, in line with the GB6222-86 "industrial enterprise gas safety regulations. In the design of the absorption of the advantages of foreign plate valve; compression mechanism by multi-point synchronous clamping mechanism, with a good sealing performance, reliable work, easy maintenance and so on.

Structure Diagram of Electric Closed Plate Valve

The electric closed flapper valve has a unique design and structure. It adopts a closed shell, and the gas in the pipeline during operation does not leak, thus avoiding environmental pollution. It has good resistance to external force in the pipeline. The electro-hydraulic device is set outside to maintain and check. The safety performance of personnel close-range operation is high, and the disadvantage is that it is troublesome to replace rubber rings.

The valve body is a closed flapper valve for the partition of large-diameter pipeline conveying gas, especially combustible gas. The valve body is composed of a valve box and a valve plate composed of a main valve box and an auxiliary valve box, a synchronous transmission mechanism and a top opening device with an idle stroke, and a traverse device using a clutch coupling/decoupling traverse driving device and a traverse mechanism. The traverse mechanism is installed in the main valve box and the upper center of the valve plate, corrugated compensator in the working process of uniform force, low failure rate, long life, the valve plate walking smoothly, the need to drive power is small, and can not affect the normal on-off of the pipeline to check the reliability of the valve

When the electric closed flapper valve is closed, the medium in the pipeline is completely cut off to achieve zero leakage. The electric closed flapper valve product can be operated on site and remotely, and is an ideal gas pipe network safety partition equipment.