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Advantages and Development of Electric Closed Valve


With the development of economy, the electric closed-type valve has been greatly improved in technology, and has made great breakthroughs in quality and performance. Electric closed flapper valve is suitable for metallurgy, chemical industry, municipal gas pipeline, in line with the GB6222-86 "industrial enterprise gas safety regulations. When the electric closed flapper valve is in a closed state, the medium in the pipeline is completely cut off to achieve zero leakage. The electric closed flapper valve product can be operated on site and remotely. It is an ideal gas and harmful and toxic gas pipe network safety partition equipment.

Electric closed plug-in valve

The electric closed flapper valve is composed of main and auxiliary valve bodies, valve plates, expansion joints, fixed sleeves, electro-hydraulic push rod clamping mechanism, walking electrical equipment, stoppers, left and right valve bodies and other components. Valve closing: the electro-hydraulic push rod drives the spring clamping mechanism to disengage the valve plate. After it is in place, the walking electric device starts to drive the valve plate to move from open to closed. After it is in place, the electro-hydraulic push rod moves in the reverse direction, and the spring clamping mechanism is automatically Clamped in place, and the valve closing is completed.

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