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Gas Butterfly Valve Troubleshooting Method Introduction


The gas butterfly valve designed by Henan Shangvalve Co., Ltd. on the basis of the introduction of domestic and foreign technology has good sealing performance. It belongs to a three-eccentric structure. It has a more beautiful and tighter seal. The functional seal is reliable. The sealing ring is installed on the butterfly plate. The sealing interference can be adjusted to effectively ensure the sealing interference. The sealing ring can be replaced without disassembling.

Structure diagram of gas butterfly valve

Gas butterfly valve in the production of the application of the troubleshooting methods are described below;

One, seal ring leakage:

1. The butterfly plate and seal closing position of the butterfly valve are not in conformity.

(Adjust the limit screw of the actuator such as worm gear or electric actuator to reach the correct closing position of the valve)

2. The butterfly plate and sealing ring of the butterfly valve contain debris (eliminate impurities and clean the valve cavity)

3. The pressure test direction is not as required. (Spinning in the direction of the arrow)

4, the outlet is equipped with flange bolts under force or not compressed. (Check the fitting flange plane and bolt pressing force, which should be evenly pressed)

Two, the valve leakage at both ends:

1. The sealing gaskets on both sides are invalid (replace the sealing gaskets)

2. The pressing force of the pipe flange is uneven or not pressed (the pressing flange bolts' uniform force')

Gas butterfly valve is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical and other industries on the pipeline gas, combustible gas and other gas medium for regulation and closure.