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Detailed description of the correct installation of gas butterfly valve


As we all know, gas butterfly valve is widely used in gas, chemical, petroleum, water treatment and other industries, can also be used in thermal power station cooling system. Industrial professional gas butterfly valve has many advantages, such as high temperature resistance, wide application range, high pressure, large nominal diameter, good sealing performance and so on. Detailed instructions on the installation of gas butterfly valves;

Gas butterfly valve installation details

1. The arrow direction of the gas butterfly valve is indicated as the direction of the medium,

2. The inner cavity and sealing surface of the pipeline should be cleaned before installation,

3. The connectors on the pipeline should be adjusted in advance during installation,

4. The connection between the valve and the pipeline needs to use a special flange for the gas butterfly valve,

5. The opening and closing strokes of the control machinery have been adjusted when the electric and electro-hydraulic motors leave the factory. Before switching on the power for the first time, the user should first open the 45 position by hand, then press the electric switch to check that the direction of the indicator plate is consistent.

6. It is required that the inner hole of the gasket (ring) is the same size as the pipe flange hole to ensure that all the hexagon socket screws on the end face of the butterfly valve are sealed to avoid plane leakage.

The large-diameter gas butterfly valve uses a metal ring instead of a rubber ring, and is cast by carbon steel. It is mainly used in high-medium flue ducts and gas pipelines. Users can customize it according to their needs. For details, please call; 13703820603.