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What media and industries are gas butterfly valves suitable?


The gas butterfly valve produced by Henan Shangvalve Co., Ltd. has many advantages such as long service life, high temperature resistance, good sealing performance, light weight, simple structure, and small driving force. It is widely used in gas, chemical, petroleum, water treatment and other industries. It mainly cuts off, connects and regulates the medium of the pipeline, generates pressure, and plays a role in interception and flow control.

Industrial gas butterfly valve has high temperature resistance, high applicable pressure range, large nominal diameter, the body is made of carbon steel, the sealing ring is made of metal ring instead of rubber ring, which can be used for high temperature medium flue duct and gas pipeline.

With the application of anti-corrosion synthetic rubber and polytetrafluoroethylene, the performance of gas butterfly valve can be improved and meet different working conditions. In the past ten years, the rapid development of metal hard seal butterfly valve, with high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, strong corrosion resistance, strong erosion resistance, high strength alloy materials in the application of butterfly valve, the metal hard seal butterfly valve in high temperature, low temperature, strong erosion and other working conditions have been widely used, and partially replaced the globe valve, gate valve and ball valve.