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Which industries are wafer type gas butterfly valves used


Users understand, gas butterfly valve body ends respectively by the flange type and wafer type two, suitable for temperature ≤ 80~120 ℃, such as food, chemical, petroleum, electric power, textile, paper and other water supply and drainage, gas pipeline for regulating flow and the role of the closure medium.

wafer type gas butterfly valve

The performance advantages of wafer type gas butterfly valve are as follows,

1. Small torque, convenient operation, labor-saving dexterity,

2. Novel and reasonable design, unique structure, light weight, rapid opening and closing,

3. It can be installed in any position and is convenient for maintenance,

4. The seal can be replaced, and the sealing performance can reach two-way sealing and zero leakage,

5. The sealing material has the advantages of aging resistance, weak corrosion resistance, long service life, etc,

Wi-clip gas butterfly valve bolt is relatively long, in high temperature conditions, bolt expansion may lead to leakage, so high temperature conditions are not suitable for wafer gas butterfly valve. Wi-clip gas butterfly valve generally can not be used at the end of the pipeline and downstream need to be disassembled, and flanged gas butterfly valve is more suitable for this environment.