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Flange type gas butterfly valve material details


Gas butterfly valve is widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, water conservancy, water supply and drainage series and other media pipeline, its main role is to adjust the flow and cut off the use of fluid. Reliable sealing performance. What are the differences in the material of flange type hard seal butterfly valve? Let's introduce it in detail,

Flange type hard seal gas butterfly valve is mainly made of metal materials, sealing performance is general, but with high temperature resistance, wear resistance, good performance, long service life and other advantages, the main materials are steel, alloy steel, cast iron, cast steel and so on.

Flange type gas butterfly valve

Hard seal gas butterfly valve is mainly used for flow control, and its structural principle is suitable for large diameter valves. High temperature resistance, wide range of applicable pressure, large nominal pass, the body is made of carbon steel, and the body seal ring is made of metal instead of rubber ring. The high temperature gas butterfly valve is made of steel plate welding, which is mainly used for the flue duct and gas pipeline of high temperature medium.