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What are the technical advantages of electric blind valve


Blind valve is widely used in the metallurgical industry, chemical industry, energy and municipal systems on the gas pipeline, used as a gas block valve, is a very ideal harmful gas partition valve. According to the transmission form, the blind plate valve is mainly divided into electric, manual, hydraulic, etc., and the user can choose according to the needs of customers. The technical advantages of an electric blind plate valve are introduced as follows;

Electric blind valve

1, the use of fan-shaped structure, valve opening and closing for <90 ° rotation, opening and closing quickly, flexible and convenient operation.

2, electric blind valve diameter: 200-2000mm?.

3. The screw rod booster clamping structure has good self-locking, and the sealing pair will not automatically loosen and cause medium leakage.

4. A travel switch (or proximity switch) is provided when the valve plate is loosened, clamped, opened, and closed, and the signal can be fed back to the control center.

5. The valve of the water cooling mechanism is added, and the maximum temperature resistance is ≤ 450 ℃.?

The electric blind plate valve is the key cut-off equipment of the dust removal system of the blast furnace gas pipe network and the blast furnace gas residual pressure power generation (TRT) system, and it is also an indispensable cut-off valve used in the converter gas recovery system.