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Characteristics of blind plate valve


There are three driving devices for blind valve, including two manual tightening or loosening devices, one is an electric device for opening or closing the gate. In opening or closing the gate, first loosen the two manual devices, and then start the electric device to achieve the purpose of opening or closing the gate (special attention: the two manual devices are not loosened, and the electric device must not be opened). After the opening or closing of the gate is completed, two more manual devices to tighten up, the pipeline can work.

blind plate valve

The blind plate valve is composed of left and right valve body telescopic mechanism fan-shaped valve plate and electric push rod for driving the valve plate and tightening and loosening the electric push rod. The principle of electric blind valve is as follows:

Electric sector blind valve belongs to automatic sector blind valve products. It consists of a stepping-up driving device, a flap and a valve body. It is mainly used for metallurgical valves in the industrial and mining industries as cutting devices. The valve can be controlled by a single remote control or multiple remote controls, or it can be operated manually under special circumstances. A structure is formed by a base and a support column, which has the characteristics of high stability. The sealing ring is on the valve plate and has the characteristics of high sealing performance.

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