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Introduction of Flange Butterfly Valve Fault Maintenance Method


Gas butterfly valve is mainly composed of flange type butterfly valve and wafer type butterfly valve two kinds, the user in the daily use of how to solve the problem, here we are in view of this situation in detail;

 1. sealing surface leakage

1, gas special butterfly valve butterfly plate, seal closing position is not consistent.

2. The butterfly plate and sealing ring of the special butterfly valve for gas contain sundries.

3. The pressure test direction is not as required.

4. The outlet is equipped with flange bolts under force or not compressed.

Gas special butterfly valve after the failure of the elimination method:

1. Adjust the limit screw of the actuator such as worm gear or electric actuator to reach the correct closing position of the valve.

2. Eliminate impurities and clean the valve cavity.

3. Spinning in the direction of the arrow.

4. Check the fitting flange plane and bolt pressing force, which shall be evenly pressed.

Leakage at both ends of the special butterfly valve for 2. gas

1. Failure of sealing gaskets on both sides.

2. The pipe flange pressing force is uneven or not pressed.

  Elimination method:

1. Replace the sealing gasket.

2. Press the flange bolts (uniform force).

The above is a part of the faults and solutions in the daily use of the special butterfly valve for gas compiled by Henan Shangvalve Valve Co., Ltd., and I hope it will be helpful to your business.