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Flange type butterfly valve before installation should pay attention to what steps


Flange type butterfly valve is widely used in gas pipeline, water supply and drainage engineering and other industries, in the installation should be strict installation requirements, to ensure its safety, the flange type butterfly valve installation steps are as follows,

1. When handling the valve, it is not allowed to throw it casually; When lifting and installing the valve, the rope should be tied to the valve body, and it is strictly prohibited to be tied to the hand wheel, valve stem and flange bolt hole.

2. The body material is generally cast iron, etc., and there shall be no collision during loading and unloading;

3, the valve should be installed in the operation, maintenance and maintenance of the most convenient place, it is strictly prohibited to bury in the ground. For valves on pipelines directly buried and in trenches, manhole chambers shall be set to facilitate the opening, closing and adjustment of valves;

4. When installing the flange valve, pay attention to tightening the connecting bolts along the diagonal direction, and the force should be uniform when screwing to prevent the gasket from deviating or causing deformation and damage to the valve body;

5, should ensure that the thread is intact, and in the thread wrapped hemp, wipe lead oil or wrapped with PTFE raw material belt, screw buckle, need to use a wrench to screw into the hexagonal valve body at one end of the pipe;

6. The valve should be kept closed during installation. For threaded valves near the wall, it is often necessary to remove the valve stem disc and handwheel before turning. When disassembling, the valve should be disassembled after turning the hand wheel to keep the valve open.

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