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Several main factors restricting the development of China's valve industry


With the rapid development of China's economy, the development level of the industrial field is also getting higher and higher. On the valve market, on the one hand, although China's low-pressure valves have reached the international advanced level, on the other hand, there is still a gap in the technology and perfection of high-pressure valves. Among the valves, the gate valve with relatively low level is a relatively common valve, although this kind of valve has the advantages of small force required for opening and closing, good casting process, relatively simple manufacturing structure, small resistance to the outside of the fluid, and no restriction on the flow direction of the medium, it also has a relatively large opening height in shape and size, so it takes up a large space for installation, there will be relative friction during opening and closing, and it is easy to scratch the operator. The gate valve has two sealing surfaces, therefore, after the processing, repair, maintenance will have certain difficulties.


So what are the main factors restricting the development of China's valves, especially high-pressure valves:

At present, with the development of China's international trade, the import and export rights of valves have been obtained. However, the impact of fierce competition in the international valve market and the impact of price war on China's valve integration into the international market is not small. This serious restriction has become an important constraint on the development of China's valve industry and cannot be integrated into the international market, in terms of technology and performance, it cannot be effectively improved, so it has become an important factor that our valve products cannot be effectively improved.

Its own problems, China's valve enterprises there are many problems, including capital, investment, technology, there is a small scale, homework, low level, making its valve products can not be continuously improved, perfect.