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How to determine the development direction of valve enterprises


The main indicator to measure whether a company is advanced, competitive in the market, and whether it can keep ahead of its competitors is based on the ability to produce high-quality commodity skills and technology. With the rapid development of China's valve market, the application and development of production skills related to the center will become the focus of attention of the industry. In the future, how to transform domestic valve commodities should start from the following points: 1. The market trend of cast steel valve commodities is to follow the oil development to the inland oil fields and offshore oil fields, and the power industry is to develop from thermal power below 300000 kilowatts to thermal power above 300000 kilowatts, hydropower and nuclear power. Valve commodities should also change their performance and parameters according to the equipment application field. 2. The urban construction system generally adopts many low-pressure valves, and it is carried out in an environmentally friendly and energy-saving manner, that is, the low-pressure iron gate valves used in the past gradually turn to environmentally friendly rubber plate valves, balancing valves, metal sealing butterfly valves and midline sealing butterfly valves. Oil and gas transmission projects are carried out in the direction of piping, which in turn requires a lot of flat gate valves and ball valves. 3. The other side of energy development is energy saving, so from the perspective of energy conservation, it is necessary to carry out steam traps, and to carry out subcritical and supercritical high parameters. 4. The construction of the power station is carried out in a large scale, so large-diameter and high-pressure safety valves and pressure reducing valves are required, and rapid opening and closing valves are also required. 5. The demand for complete sets of engineering, valve supply from a single type to a variety of types and multiple standards. The valve required for a project, by a valve manufacturer all supply trend is growing.