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The sales team of the valve network visited Bend Company for study.


On April 6, under the leadership of general manager Yu Tian, the network sales team of Henan Shangvalve came to the headquarters of Bend Valve in Luoyang, Henan Province for on-the-spot investigation and study, and communicated with relevant responsible persons on the problems of network and foreign trade sales. General Manager Yu Tian said that Shangvalve and Bend were also technical enterprises specializing in valve research and development, production and sales, bade valve started early and developed rapidly in the field of network sales of valve products. It has rich experience and perfect system, which is worth learning from and learning from. It is hoped that the sales team will carefully summarize the good experience and practices of Bade valve after this visit and study, and combine with the actual situation of the valve itself to perfect the network sales of the valve as soon as possible.