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General Manager Yu Tian Successfully Signed the Order in India


Yu Tian, general manager of Henan Shangvalve, went to India at the invitation of Indian customers on April 23, 2018.

Arrived on April 24. During this period, General Manager Yutian talked with customers about the products of the valve and the current market development prospects at home and abroad, and visited several large steel mills.

During his detailed discussion with Indian customers, General Manager Yu Tian mentioned the development ideas of President Xi Jinping and Xi's the belt and road initiative. Yu Zong said that the upper valve will follow President Xi's the belt and road initiative policy. The upper valve will be expanded again on the basis of more than a dozen original patents, breaking through the update of valve technology, and at the same time making the upper valve products go further and more solid in the domestic and foreign markets. During this period, both parties were happy to sign the bill successfully.