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Indian old customers come to our valve company for acceptance of stainless steel gate valve


A week ago, five stainless steel channel gates ordered by Indian customers have been completed. Yesterday, Indian customers came to the company to inspect and check their production and delivery.

Since the establishment of Shangvalve Valve Co., Ltd., we have always adhered to the requirements of high standards and high quality products. After wind and rain, we have always been in the forefront of the industry, constantly improving technology and improving product quality. We have a large number of long-term cooperation and stable domestic and foreign customers. The company has always taken quality as the foundation, customer demand as the first, and insisted on providing high-quality products and providing customers with the best service.

Our company mainly produces blind plate valve, flapper valve, gas butterfly valve, vent valve, ash ball valve, coal injection ball valve, feeder, etc., users can order according to demand.