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2.2 m pneumatic ventilation butterfly valve put into use site


Half a month ago, the 2.2-meter pneumatic ventilation butterfly valve produced by Henan Shangvalve Valve Co., Ltd. was successfully delivered and officially put into use in Jiyuan Steel Plant.

2.2 m pneumatic ventilation valve site

The pneumatic ventilation butterfly valve produced by Henan Shangqi Valve Co., Ltd. fully meets the needs of users. It has many advantages such as reasonable design, novel, unique structure, rapid opening and closing, and light weight. The use of adaptive materials to meet the low, medium and high temperature and corrosive media, etc., are widely used in metallurgy, building materials, petrochemical, light industry and other industries in the pipeline, the gas, semi-fluid, dust-containing gas and other media flow opening and closing, automatic adjustment or remote control.

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