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How to choose a valve


With the continuous expansion of the valve market, a variety of different quality valves appear in the market, so that valve users do not know how to choose.

First of all: 1. Generally, you can see part of the workmanship, and you can choose a more trusted manufacturer. There are many kinds of valves, such as blind plate valves, gas butterfly valves, ball valves, special valves for desulfurization, fluorine-lined valves, ceramic-lined valves, retractors, etc. 2. To determine the use of the valve in the device, the working conditions of the valve, temperature, applicable media, etc., and then connected with the valve diameter and connection methods. Such as flange, thread, welding, etc. There are also transmission modes: manual, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, electromagnetic, etc. Then according to the pipeline transmission medium and working pressure and temperature of different selected valve body material is different. Common valve body are cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless acid and steel copper alloy and so on. Generally, when choosing a valve, it is necessary to understand the use of the selected valve, the use of working conditions and control methods, valve specifications and categories. It is also necessary to understand the working pressure, working temperature, corrosion performance of the valve whether it contains particles, whether the medium is toxic, whether it is flammable, explosive, etc. Installation dimensions and external dimensions, etc. Understand these knowledge can choose a suitable valve.