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The shortcomings of the traditional gas butterfly valve


What are the shortcomings of the old-fashioned gas butterfly valve? According to my many years of production experience in Henan Shangvalve valve, I will share it with you on the valve website of our factory.

The traditional gas butterfly valve adopts lever drive and spring balance structure. The valve shaft is connected with the lever through a taper pin, one end of the lever is connected with the butterfly plate through a column pin, and the other end is connected with the butterfly plate through a spring. When the input power drives the valve shaft to rotate, the valve shaft drives the butterfly plate to move in translation and rotation through the taper pin, lever, column pin, spring, etc., so as to realize the opening and closing of the valve. The traditional gas valve has the following main problems:(1) the structure is relatively old and the manufacturing process is complicated;(2) when the valve is in the open state, because the butterfly plate takes the column pin as the intersection point and only relies on the tension of the spring to maintain balance, it will produce severe vibration and high noise when it is washed by the medium or when the medium pressure fluctuates slightly. (3) The opening and closing process of the butterfly plate is a combination of translation and rotation, the opening and closing angular stroke is generally 1200, which is difficult to match with the standard part of the rotary drive device (the angular stroke of the part of the rotary drive device is generally 9 less), which is inconvenient to realize mechanization and automatic control;(4) The flange connection size and structural length are not in line with the current national standards, and can no longer meet the current domestic and foreign market requirements. To this end, we have updated the design of the gas butterfly valve, its structure with reference to the current foreign more advanced products and standards, and according to the latest domestic release of national standards for design.

The disadvantage of the traditional gas butterfly valve is the summary of our factory's experience for so many years. Our factory is a manufacturer specializing in the production of valves, with a registered capital of more than 0.1 billion yuan, and has its own R & D team. Under the guidance of experienced masters, our factory's performance is booming. Select the valve on the selection of Henan valve Co., Ltd!