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Manual slide valve in the installation should pay attention to what


Manual flapper valve is one of the flapper valves. The others are also divided into pneumatic flapper valve and electric flapper valve, also known as knife gate valve. It is mainly composed of frame, gate, screw rod, nut, handwheel and other parts. By rotating the hand wheel, the screw rod drives the gate plate to move up and down repeatedly along the horizontal direction, so that the manual flapper valve can reach the purpose of opening and closing.

Manual slide valve in the installation should pay attention to what, specific to analyze;

1. When the plug valve is installed on the pipeline, the valve stem can be upward or horizontal.

2. Check whether the threaded connections are loose, and adjust and tighten;

3. Remove the cover at both ends of the valve channel, clean the inner cavity, and remove the grease;

4. After peeling off the protective oil paper of the valve stem, re-apply grease on the valve stem;

5. Flush and clean the pipeline to avoid damage to the sealing surface.

6. When the valve is opened and closed, the electric (pneumatic) actuator is opened and closed through the lifting of the valve stem. The force should be uniform during the opening and closing process. Before it is in place, it should be opened slowly and gradually in place or closed until it is sealed.

Common faults and troubleshooting methods of manual slide valve are as follows

The correct installation and maintenance of the flapper valve can effectively play the role of the equipment and extend its service life.