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Characteristics of open pneumatic flapper valve and what matters should be paid attention


What matters should be paid attention to when using open pneumatic flapper valve? Henan upper valve co., ltd. has drawn from many years of production experience that the open pneumatic flapper valve is light in weight and easy to maintain. the sealing rubber ring of the flapper valve is convenient to replace. the maintenance, inspection, replacement and valve maintenance of the electro-hydraulic device do not affect the normal operation of the valve. Open pneumatic flapper valve opening and closing inspection than closed flapper valve convenient, fast.

What matters should be paid attention to when using open pneumatic flapper valve

1. The shell test and sealing test medium of the flapper valve is water (including preservative), kerosene or other suitable liquid with viscosity not greater than water.

2. The sealing pair is a non-metal sealed plug-in valve. The test and requirements of the sealed shell shall be in accordance with the provisions of GB/T13927-92 D.

3. The sealing pair is a metal-sealed flapper valve. If there is a sealing performance requirement, the leakage of the sealing test shall be calculated according to 1 ×DNmm/s. If there is no sealing performance requirement, this test shall not be done.

4. For the flashboard valve driven by electric, hydraulic and pneumatic devices, after the closing position is set, close it for 3 times and carry out shell and sealing tests according to the requirements of 1 and 3.

5. The cleanness of the plate valve shall be cleaned as required.

6. Static pressure life test.

7. The number of static pressure life tests of the plug-in valve shall be in accordance with the regulations, and other technologies shall be in accordance with the provisions of JB/Z 234.

Open pneumatic flapper valve is mainly used in building materials, metallurgy, mining, electric power, chemical industry, glass, light industry, food and other industries, the top of the library, the bottom of the library and import and export. It is an ideal device that controls large changes in flow, starts frequently, and cuts off quickly.

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