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Flange type gas butterfly valve advantages and use principle


Flange type gas butterfly valve is a vertical plate structure, valve stem and stainless steel plate composite structure, installed on the valve body, butterfly plate sealing surface welding stainless steel. The sealing ring of the soft seal valve is made of rubber and other materials and is installed on the butterfly plate.

Flange type soft seal butterfly valve, small size, light weight, convenient operation, reliable performance, simple maintenance, butterfly plate adopts double eccentric, quick opening and closing, simple and light operation; no friction between butterfly plate and sealing ring, sealing surface wear-resistant, long service life, reliable sealing, easy to adjust.

Flange type soft seal butterfly valve characteristics

1. The design structure is novel, the overall size is small, and the weight is light.

2. The butterfly plate adopts double eccentricity, which can open and close quickly, and the operation is light and labor-saving.

3. There is no sliding friction between the butterfly plate and the sealing ring, the sealing surface is wear-resistant, the service life is long, the sealing is reliable, and it is easy to adjust.

Flange type hard seal butterfly valve has the following characteristics

1. The butterfly plate sealing ring is a soft and hard laminated metal sheet, which has the dual advantages of metal hard seal and elastic seal,

No matter in the case of low temperature and high temperature, it has excellent sealing performance.

2, the use of three-dimensional eccentric structure, valve seat and butterfly plate almost no friction, with the more closed the more tight sealing function.

3. The sealing surface of the valve body adopts surfacing stainless steel and cobalt-based hard alloy, which is wear-resistant and has long service life.

4, unique structure, flexible operation, labor-saving, convenient, not affected by high and low medium pressure, reliable sealing performance.

Main specifications:

Model: KF641

Specifications: DN400-DN1000

Applicable medium water and sewage

Soft sealing medium temperature ≤ 65 ℃ hard sealing medium temperature according to the valve material

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