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Advantages of gas butterfly valve, common faults and elimination methods


Butterfly valve according to the use of metallurgical series and drainage series, the following on the metallurgical series of gas butterfly valve advantages of common problems and maintenance methods to summarize a few points.

The advantages of gas butterfly valve:

1. Good sealing effect.

2. Long service life.

3. No switch is not strict and cannot be switched.

Reduce costs by about 30%.

5. The expenditure on safety and environmental protection will be reduced by 30%-40%.

Common faults of butterfly valve: 1. sealing surface leakage has the following reasons:

1. There are sundries in the butterfly plate and the sealing ring.

2. The butterfly plate and the closed position of the seal are not in conformity.

3. The flange bolts are unevenly stressed or not compressed.

4. The pressure test direction is not as required.

Butterfly valve defense methods and elimination methods:

1. Replace the sealing gasket.

2. Clean the valve cavity.

3. Adjust the limit screw of the actuator such as worm gear or electric actuator. In order to achieve the correct valve closed position.

4. Check the fitting flange plane and bolt pressing force, which shall be evenly pressed,

5. Spinning in the direction of the arrow

Leakage at both ends of 2. valve

1. Failure of sealing gaskets on both sides,

2. The pipe flange pressing force is uneven or not pressed.

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