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How to install wafer type butterfly valve


henan on the valve valve co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer of valve manufacturers, mainly produces flange butterfly valve, electric wafer butterfly valve, manual wafer butterfly valve and other products. The following is a summary of the installation and operation steps of the wafer butterfly valve. I hope it will be helpful to you.

1. Before installation, carefully read and check whether the use of the valve is consistent with its performance specifications.

2. Check whether there are foreign matters and miscellaneous debris inside and remove them in time to avoid unsmooth action or leakage.

3. The valve should be installed in time after the card box, and do not loosen any fastening screws on the valve at will.

4, wafer butterfly valve must use a special butterfly valve flange.

5. Do not install the electric butterfly valve upside down for the convenience of maintenance.

6. There is no need to install additional gasket between butterfly valve and flange during installation.

2. installation steps:

1. Place the valve between two flanges and check the bolt holes.

2. Insert the butterfly valve without contacting the two flange surfaces and penetrate the remaining bolts at the same time.

3. After confirming that the center of the butterfly valve is concentric with the center of the flange and the switch position of the valve disc is not blocked by the inner diameter of the flange or adjacent parts, lock each bolt repeatedly in a diagonal gradual manner until the flange surface contacts the end surface of the valve body.

4. Fix the flange to the pipe by spot welding.

5. Remove the valve. The flange is then completely welded and fixed to the pipe.

6. After the welded pipe is cool, install the valve,

7. Tighten the 4 screws after correcting the valve position.

8. Check whether the valve plate can open and close freely, and then open the valve plate slightly. Tighten the other screws.

After 3. installation

1. Before starting the operation, use air spray to remove the foreign objects on the pipe, and clean the inner surface of the pipe with clean water.

2. Open the valve to check the angle indicator plate to avoid twisting more than the opening width and the closing position.

3. The operation of the switch is completely subject to the indicator. If other hand tools are applied, the angle indicator plate and the switch will be damaged.

4. When piping pressure test is to be done, the valve should be opened.

5. After the piping, the valve is in a fully closed state for a long time, and the switching action should be done 1~2 times a month to avoid fixation.