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How users use gas butterfly valve safely


The gas butterfly valve produced by Zhengzhou upper valve valve co., ltd. has the characteristics of simple structure, small volume, light weight, low material consumption, small installation size, rapid switching, 90 partial rotation, small driving torque, etc. it is used to cut off, connect and adjust the medium in the pipeline. the driving forms of the valve electric butterfly valve manufacturer are manual, electric, with good fluid control characteristics and closing and sealing performance.

Gas butterfly valve in the pipeline to adjust the effect of the medium, through the internal adjustment of the actuator, can realize the adjustment effect of pipeline automation. Here to introduce how to use the gas butterfly valve safely.

1, the operation must be carefully checked before the valve mark, certificate of conformity with the requirements of use, after verification should be cleaned. Unused valves should be stored in a dry room. Valves that have been kept for a long time should be cleaned regularly, dried and coated with anti-rust oil. Blind plates shall be used at both ends of the valve to protect the flange sealing surface.

2. According to the direction of medium flow; horizontal type is preferred. Valves that have been kept for a long time should be cleaned regularly, dried and coated with anti-rust oil. Blind plates shall be used to protect the flange sealing surface at both ends of the valve.

3, butterfly valve, should be in the butterfly plate in the closed position is appropriate, to prevent debris into the valve cavity rub damage sealing surface, users want to test pressure, cut to both ends with flange to clamp after pressure test.

4. The connecting bolts of butterfly valve and pipeline should be tightened several times according to the opposite direction of the diagonal, and no single piece should be tightened at one time to prevent leakage at the flange connection caused by uneven force.

5. When the valve is connected to the pipeline, it is required to use butt welding steel flanges or special flanges for butterfly valves on the pipeline. If a flat welded steel flange is used, the flange inner hole must be as large as the gasket inner hole to ensure the effective sealing surface of the gasket.

6. When the valve is in use, if a fault is found, it should be stopped immediately.

7. The opening and closing stroke of the electric butterfly valve has been adjusted when it is turned on. In order to prevent the wrong direction when the power is turned on, the user should manually turn on the 13th beginning of the opening position before turning on the power for the first time. And check whether the direction of the indicating plate is consistent with the opening direction of the valve.

If you need to refer to the flange type butterfly valve is mainly used in what industry, the application of the media to introduce this article, there may be some use.