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Ball valve model preparation and model representation method


In recent years, with the continuous improvement of valve technology, valves also with industrial development from low temperature, medium temperature to high temperature, pressure from low pressure to high pressure. The improvement of ball valves is constantly adapting to industrial development. For different media requirements and different working conditions used in the ball valve model is also different. The transmission part is also different according to customer requirements. The following is a brief introduction to the preparation of the ball valve model.

ball valve model preparation method of representation:

Additional code of ball valve: V indicates that the valve core has V-shaped structure, D indicates low temperature, B indicates heat preservation, P indicates eccentric structure, U, S and DY mostly indicate top-mounted type;

Ball valve name code: Q means ball valve;

Ball valve drive code: 2 for electro-hydraulic, 3 for turbine, 6 for pneumatic, 7 for hydraulic, 9 for electric, manual without code;

Connection code: 1 for internal thread, 4 for flange type, 6 for welding, 7 for clip type;

Structure type code: 1 means float straight, 2 means Y-type tee, 4 means L-type tee, 5 means T-type tee;

Fixed type: 0 means hemisphere straight, 6 means four-way, 7 means straight, 8 means T-type tee, 9 means L-type tee;

Floating type: 1, means straight, 2, means Y-type tee. 4, said L type tee, 5, said T type tee.

Sealing surface or lining material code: B babstet alloy, F fluoroplastic, H alloy steel, J lining rubber, N nylon plastic, Y hard alloy, W valve body directly processed;

Pressure rating code: 16 means that the pressure is 16kg (1.6Mpa) and can reach 64Mpa

Body material code: A titanium alloy, C carbon steel, I chromium molybdenum steel, P18-8 stainless steel, RMo2Ti stainless steel, S plastic, Q ductile iron

Note: With the continuous development and improvement of the company's products, the model and name may change a little.

henan on the valve valve joint stock limited company production of ball valve is divided into manual double eccentric hemispherical valve, electric double eccentric hemispherical valve, pneumatic double eccentric hemispherical valve, hydraulic ball valve etc.