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Installation steps and precautions of wafer type butterfly valve


In the process of installing wafer type butterfly valve, some customers do not know what matters should be paid attention to. The installation is slightly negligent to shorten the service life of wafer type butterfly valve. Henan valve here to the need to understand the valve knowledge of customers to talk about a few matters needing attention, we hope to help.

Preparation before installation of 1. wafer type soft seal butterfly valve

1. Before installation, remove the foreign objects on the pipe and clean the inner surface of the pipe.

2. Check the valve performance carefully.

3, check the valve channel and sealing surface is dirty debris and remove;

4. Do not loosen the fastening screws or nuts on the valve after opening the box; and install it in time.

5. The wafer butterfly valve must use a special butterfly valve flange.

6. The electric butterfly valve can be installed on the pipeline at any angle, be careful not to install it upside down.

7. When installing the flange of the electric butterfly valve, ensure that the flange surface is in alignment with the sealing rubber, the screws are tightened evenly, and the sealing surface is fitted completely.

2. wafer butterfly valve installation method:

The correct installation of the wafer butterfly valve is related to the sealing degree of the butterfly valve and whether it will leak, including the safety of the working conditions. Users should understand the installation process.

1. Place the valve between the two flanges, and pay attention to the alignment of the bolt holes.

2. Insert the upper and lower four pairs of bolts into the flange holes, and gently put the nuts on first; do not tighten the nuts. It is convenient to adjust the other bolts slightly.

3. Then fix the flange on the pipeline by spot welding;

4. Take out the valve again.

5. Finally, the flange is completely fixed on the pipe.

6. Install the valve after the welding mouth is cooled. Ensure that the valve has enough space in the flange to prevent the valve from being damaged, and ensure that the valve plate has a certain degree of opening;

7. Finally, correct the valve position and tighten the bolts.

8. Before fixing the valve, switch the valve several times to ensure that there is no blocking before tightening the nut completely. Note: If there is a jam phenomenon will cause the butterfly valve can not be fully opened or closed, electric or pneumatic valves will appear actuator stem twist deformation phenomenon.

10. Test again to ensure that the valve can open and close freely. Verify that the valve plate does not touch the pipe.

The installation of wafer butterfly valve must be laid flat before installation. Remember not to bump at will. After it is pulled into the installation length during installation, the wafer butterfly valve cannot be disassembled at will without special permission in the design of on-site pipelines. This is what we should know before installation. At the same time, we should also know that the wafer butterfly valve can be installed in any position, but after the wafer butterfly valve is installed, it is necessary to lay the butterfly valve along the line and make a bracket for the wafer butterfly valve. Once the bracket is made, it is strictly forbidden to remove the bracket when it is used. Note: It is strictly prohibited to install the butterfly valve and then weld the flange, otherwise it will burn the butterfly valve rubber seal ring. When replacing the lower part of the electric or pneumatic butterfly valve, it must be closed to closed, open to open to assemble, adjust the school team before installing on the pipeline. Butterfly valves with specifications above DN350 must use the national standard butterfly special anti-flange, butterfly valves with specifications below DN300 are also recommended to use the special flange.

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