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Can the upper valve gas butterfly valve reach zero leakage?


With the replacement of gas butterfly valve, we Henan on the valve Co., Ltd. production of three eccentric gas butterfly valve has reached the effect of zero leakage. Zero leakage gas butterfly valve has a direct relationship with its medium and working conditions. It has many advantages, such as wide temperature and pressure, good cut-off performance and long applicable life.

The three-eccentric gas butterfly valve is mainly composed of packing pressure plate, packing gland, packing, guide sleeve, valve body, butterfly plate assembly, valve stem and lower end cover. When the valve plate is opened and closed, the sealing surface of the butterfly plate is designed to be an inclined plane relative to the axis of the butterfly plate (the valve seat and the valve body are integral), which not only ensures a certain contact angle, but also realizes the phenomenon that the 360 sealing surface of the valve plate squeezes at noon during the whole closing and opening process, the use of metal and graphite auxiliary seal, change the deflection angle of the butterfly plate, you can control the flow of the medium.

Three eccentric gas butterfly valve is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, municipal, petrochemical, gas and water supply and drainage system, is the best device for large diameter and large flow regulation and cut off. In order to meet the requirements of various working conditions, the gas butterfly valve has undergone the evolution of the traditional midline butterfly valve, single eccentric, double eccentric, and triple eccentric.