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Operation Process and Precautions of Blind Plate Valve


Blind valve is divided into pneumatic blind valve, electric sector blind valve, hydraulic blind valve, manual blind valve, etc. They are composed of left valve body, middle valve body, right valve body, sector blind plate, screw nut, stainless steel compensator, transmission mechanism, etc. It is through the three screw rod connected into one, and the three valve body are fixed on the base, constitute a rigid structure. The following describes the safety operation of the blind valve.

Operators should be familiar with the working principle, structure and performance of the equipment.

blind plate valve

Preparation before operation

1. Wear labor protection articles as required.

2. Check whether the CO detector is normal.

3, before the operation to fill in the blind plate pumping and blocking operation certificate, the implementation of one person to operate one person monitoring.

Operation of extracting blind plate

1. Confirm that the burner valves of the gas heating furnace are closed, confirm that the release valve is open, and then connect nitrogen and the main power supply for operation.

2. Observe that the clamping in place indicator light is on, then press the release button, the release in place indicator light is on, and the pneumatic blind valve safety operation procedures.

3. Observe that the indicator light of valve closing in place is on, then press the valve opening button, the blind plate valve will switch to the ventilation state, and the indicator light of valve opening in place will be on, that is, the valve opening is completed.

4. Observe that the indicator light of loosening in place is on, press the clamping button, the blind plate is clamped, the indicator light of clamping in place is on, and the clamping is completed.

5. Open the nitrogen valve to replace the gas pipeline with nitrogen. The amount of nitrogen shall not be less than 2 bottles. After the nitrogen replacement is completed, close the nitrogen filling valve on the platform.

6. Observe that the valve closing indicator light of the butterfly valve is on, and then press the valve opening button, the valve opening indicator light is on, that is, the valve opening is completed and the gas is connected. Operator to blind valve

Attention must be paid when operating

A, rubber sealing ring shall not be with the valve body adhesion or hard friction, in order to prevent damage to the rubber sealing ring, destroy the working performance of the valve.

B, the left and right valve body release, the medium to overflow, in order to ensure safety, should be closed, please close the gas butterfly valve before the blind valve, at the same time, please take ventilation and other measures to ensure safety.

c. When opening the left and right valve bodies, it should be noted that the valve plate will automatically fall off. It is forbidden to stand on the front of the valve plate during operation to avoid danger.

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