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Hard seal butterfly valve product types and installation steps


henan on the valve valve co., ltd mainly produces gas butterfly valve, blind plate valve, gate valve, ball valve, telescopic, unloading valve, vent valve, coal injection ball valve, feeder, check valve etc. The hard seal butterfly valve according to the structure can be divided into the midline type sealing butterfly valve, single eccentric sealing butterfly valve, double eccentric sealing butterfly valve, three eccentric sealing butterfly valve, etc. The following describes the type of hard seal butterfly valve and installation steps.

1. According to the sealing surface material, metal hard seal butterfly valve and soft seal butterfly valve are divided. Metal hard seal butterfly valve is composed of metal hard material to metal hard material.

2, according to the seal form can be divided into mandatory sealing butterfly valve, stamping sealing butterfly valve, automatic sealing butterfly valve, single eccentric sealing butterfly valve, double eccentric sealing butterfly valve, three eccentric sealing butterfly valve.

3, according to the working pressure of vacuum butterfly valve, low pressure butterfly valve, medium pressure butterfly valve, high pressure butterfly valve, super high pressure butterfly valve.

4. according to the working temperature, it is divided into high temperature butterfly valve (butterfly valve with t>450 c), medium temperature butterfly valve (butterfly valve with 120 c

5. According to the connection mode, it is divided into wafer type butterfly valve, flange type butterfly valve, lug type butterfly valve and welding type butterfly valve.

Hard seal gas butterfly valve

hard seal butterfly valve installation steps:

1. When installing the electric hard seal butterfly valve, the installer needs to check the reserve of the parts according to the requirements, whether it is the same as the specifications of the product. Then you need to take out the butterfly valve.

2. Turn off the power supply of the instrument, machine or equipment that needs to be installed. Everyone should know that no matter what kind of thing or component you install, you must turn off the power supply before installation. If possible, it is best to turn off the total power supply. After turning off the power supply, you also need to decompress. In this way, the decompression of the equipment shutdown is guaranteed and any accidental interference is prevented. There was an accident.

3. When you are using or installing, you cannot change the parts of the electric hard seal butterfly valve at will. Of course, some processing plants in the use of this butterfly valve, in order to ensure that the medium liquid can be applied to the contact material, generally use air, water or oil. Of course, if the oil is used as a liquid, it is guaranteed that there will be no change within the operating temperature of the parts. Everyone can be completely convinced of this. Of course, in the installation process, this is also very necessary to pay attention to, the choice of medium liquid, one should be careful to choose, so as to avoid the selected medium liquid, not suitable for the contact material.

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