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Common Troubleshooting Methods for Flange Butterfly Valve


henan on the valve valve co., ltd. mainly produces blind valve, flapper valve, gas butterfly valve, vent valve, ball valve, gate valve, globe valve, expansion of flanged butterfly valve gas butterfly valve, butterfly valve is divided into wafer butterfly valve and flanged butterfly valve. Flanged butterfly valve is a valve with a flange, with bolts on both ends of the valve flange connected to the pipe flange. The following are some common faults of flanged butterfly valves.

Flanged butterfly valve

1, flange butterfly valve installation before the valve cavity plug clean, do not allow in the sealing ring and butterfly plate with foreign matter, do not clean before never close the butterfly plate, so as not to damage the sealing ring.

2. It is recommended to use special flange for disc plate installation of flanged butterfly valve.

3. When the electric flange butterfly valve is installed, the excellent position in the pipeline is vertical installation, but it cannot be inverted.

4, the use of electric flange butterfly valve need to adjust the flow, a worm gear box to control.

5. For disc valves with more opening and closing times, open the worm gear box cover in about 60 days to check whether the butter is normal and keep a proper amount of butter.

6, check the connection parts is not tight, keep tight, to ensure the tightness of the packing, but also to ensure that the stem rotation flexible.

7. Metal sealing butterfly valve products are not suitable for installation at the end of the pipeline. If it must be installed at the end of the pipeline, the outlet flange should be equipped to prevent the backlog and overposition of the sealing ring.

8. Install and use the valve stem, check the use effect of the valve regularly, and solve the fault in time.

Sealing surface leakage

1. There may be sundries in the butterfly plate and sealing surface

2. The closing position of the butterfly plate and the sealing surface does not match.

3. The flange bolts configured on the outlet side are unevenly stressed or not installed as required.

4. The pressure test direction is not installed as required.

1. Eliminate impurities and clean the valve cavity

2. Adjust the worm gear or the adjusting screw of the electric actuator to reach the correct closing position of the valve

3, check the assembly flange plane and bolt compression country, should be evenly pressed

4. Pressing according to the sealing direction of the tip

Leakage at both ends of valve

1. Grinding of sealing gaskets on both sides.

2. Pipe flange tightening force is uneven or not pressed

3. Failure of upper and lower sealing gaskets of sealing ring


1. Replace the sealing gasket

2. Compression flange bolts (evenly stressed)

3. Remove the pressure ring of the valve, replace the sealing ring, and the gasket will fail.

When customers install the valve, they must provide accurate parameters according to the manufacturer. In use, they must carefully study the operating instructions of the flanged butterfly valve to reduce the number of failures. For more information, please contact 13703820603 or 15551530000 the general manager.