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Common Faults and Solutions of Ash Unloading Ball Valve


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The installation method and common faults of ash unloading ball valve a first remove the protective covers on both sides of the flange end, and the valves are fully opened for flushing and cleaning. Before installation, the whole machine should be tested according to the specified signal (electricity or gas). Before connecting with the pipeline, flush and remove the remaining impurities in the pipeline. During installation. The actuator part of the valve cannot be used as a lifting point to avoid damage to the actuator and accessories. The ash discharge ball valve should be installed in the horizontal or vertical direction of the pipeline. Nearby pipes shall not be drooped or subjected to external forces, and pipe supports or supports shall be used to support the pipes in alignment. After connection, cross-lock the flange bolts with the specified torque.

Structure Diagram of Ash Unloading Ball Valve

Causes of failure of ash unloading ball valve and their solutions: 1. Leakage at valve stem: A packing is damaged-packing needs to be replaced; B there are longitudinal scratches on the valve stem-the valve stem can be replaced. 2. Leakage at the valve seal: A There are too many attachments on the sealing surface-remove dirt and debris; B sealing surface damage-re-grinding or replacing valve seat and sphere; C improper adjustment of limit piece or travel switch-adjust limit piece or travel switch. 3. Turn heavy and inflexible to open and close the valve: a The step depth at the valve seat on the valve body is not enough to make the valve seat pressure ball too tight-rework the valve body or valve seat; B stuffing box skew-correct stuffing box. C valve rod is too rough or there are sundries-disassemble and trim the valve stem or remove sundries.

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