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Gas butterfly valve in the installation should meet the requirements


Gas butterfly valve is widely used in gas, chemical industry, metallurgy, ceramics and other industries in the field of gas transportation, mainly used for medium regulation flow or cut-off device. The valve adopts a new structure design and manufacture of midline disc plate and short structure steel plate welding. It has compact structure, light weight, easy installation, small flow resistance, large circulation, avoiding the influence of high temperature expansion, and easy operation. The following requirements shall be met during installation;

Structure diagram of gas butterfly valve

1. When installing on a horizontal pipe, the valve stem should be vertically upward, or inclined at a certain angle, and the valve stem is not allowed to be installed downward.

2. For butterfly valves connected with flanges and nippers, the valve should be closed during installation.

3, in the water pump, heat exchanger and other equipment to install heavy gas butterfly valve, should be set up gas butterfly valve bracket; in the operation of frequent and installed in the gas butterfly valve from the operating surface of 1.8m above, should be set up a fixed operating platform.

4. There is an arrow mark on the valve body of the gas butterfly valve, and the direction of the arrow is the flow direction of the medium. When installing the gas butterfly valve, it should be noted that the arrow points to the same direction as the medium in the pipeline.

5. For the gas butterfly valve on the horizontal pipeline, the valve stem should be installed upward, or installed at a certain angle, and the handwheel should not be installed downward. The gas butterfly valve, valve stem and handwheel on the high-altitude pipeline can be installed horizontally, and the opening and closing of the valve can be operated remotely with a vertical chain.

6, the installation of flange valve, should ensure that the two flange end face parallel to each other and concentric.

7. When installing the valve with threads, ensure that the threads are intact and coated with sealing packing according to the different requirements of the medium. When tightening, the force must be uniform to avoid damage to the threads and valve parts.

Gas butterfly valve to adapt to the pressure range is high, the valve nominal diameter is large, the valve body is made of carbon steel, the sealing ring of the valve plate is made of metal ring instead of rubber ring. Large high temperature gas butterfly valve is made of steel plate welding, mainly used for high temperature medium flue duct and gas pipeline.

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