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How to repair and maintain the ash unloading ball valve


Henan Shangvalve Valve Co., Ltd. mainly uses blind plate valve, flapper valve, gas butterfly valve, explosion relief valve, ash unloading ball valve, coal injection ball valve, feeder, wear-resistant semi-ball valve, wafer butterfly valve, flange butterfly valve, telescopic soft seal butterfly valve, three eccentric hard seal butterfly valve, multi-level hard seal butterfly valve, check valve, ventilation regulating valve, telescopic device, etc. Among them, the spherical surface of the ash discharge ball valve is hardened to improve the wear resistance of the spherical surface. The single valve seat design is adopted, and the cavity in the valve body does not form an independent space, which avoids the accumulation of media such as fly ash in the cavity and the possibility of spherical friction.

The following points should be paid attention to in the maintenance of ash unloading ball valve: a. The ball valve must be placed in a dry and ventilated room, and both ends of the passage should be blocked to prevent impurities from entering; B, during long-term storage, the valve should be checked regularly to clear dirt and apply antirust paint on the processing surface; C after installation and use, it should be checked regularly. The main items include: wear of sealing surface, whether packing and O-ring are outdated and failure, if there is any damage, it should be replaced in time.

Causes of failure of ash unloading ball valve and its solutions: a. leakage at valve stem: whether packing is damaged-replace packing. B

Whether there are longitudinal nicks on the valve stem-replace the valve stem. c. leakage at the valve seal: whether there are attachments on the sealing surface-clean up the attachments; d. damage to the sealing surface-regrinding or replacing the valve seat and sphere; whether the limit piece or travel switch is improperly adjusted-adjust the limit piece or travel switch. e. stuffing box skew-correct the stuffing box. f. sundries at the valve stem-remove sundries.

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