Manual flashboard valve
  • Manual flashboard valve

Manual flashboard valve




Applicable temperature:

≤ 300 ℃

Applicable medium:

Powder, crystal grain, granular material and small pieces of material

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  • Product Description
  • Detailed parameters
  • The manual flapper valve has the advantages of simple structure, flexible operation, light weight, no blocking and quick cut-off. It is especially suitable for the transportation and flow regulation of all kinds of powder materials and granular materials less than $5mm. Easy to operate, can adjust the opening at any time. Widely used in metallurgy, mining, building materials and other industries of dust material flow control pipeline, is to control the flow change, open and close the requirements of the ideal equipment quickly.

    Manual flashboard valve semi-finished product

    Manual slide valve in the normal use of the process of the transmission parts should be regularly checked, add lubricating oil to do a good job of maintenance.

    1. Before installing the valve, check the valve cavity and sealing surface and other parts, and do not allow dirt or sand particles to adhere;

    2. The bolts of all connecting parts shall be tightened evenly;

    Manual slide valve in production

    3. Check that the packing part requires compaction, not only to ensure the sealing of the packing, but also to ensure that the gate is flexible to open;

    4. Before installing the valve, the user must check the valve model, connect the size and pay attention to the flow direction of the medium to ensure consistency with the valve requirements;

    5. When installing the valve, the user must reserve the necessary space for the valve drive;

    6. The wiring of the drive device must be carried out according to the circuit diagram;

    7., the flashboard valve must be regularly maintained, not random collision and extrusion, so as not to affect the seal.

    Manual flashboard valve

    Manual flapper valves are often used in conjunction with unloading devices or silos. Manual spiral gate valves are easy to install by flange connection. There are two types of inlet and outlet: square and round. There are dozens of specifications according to the size of the caliber. They are widely used in metallurgy, carbon, chemical, building materials and other industries. The manual flapper valve has the advantages of simple and compact structure, reasonable design, reliable sealing, light and flexible operation, small size, smooth channel, low resistance, easy installation, easy disassembly, etc. The manual spiral gate valve can be installed horizontally or vertically, and has anti-wear Features such as long life and automatic compensation function.

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  • Overall dimension
    A*A1 B*B1 C*C1 L H N-d
    500*500 560*560 606*606 2010 126 16-$18
    600*600 660*660 706*706 2070 126 20-$23
    700*700 770*770 820*820 2130 140 20-$18
    800*800 870*870 920*920 2200 140 20-$18
    900*900 974*974 1030*1030 2660 160 24-$18
    980*980 1054*1054 1110*1110 2570 160 24-$18
    1000*1000 1074*1074 1130*1130 2610 160 24-$18