Electric gate valve
  • Electric gate valve

Electric gate valve





Applicable temperature:

80 ℃ ~ 425 ℃

Applicable medium:

Syrup, pulp, sewage, coal slurry ash mixture

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  • Electric gate valve features and uses

    The driving part of the product adopts multi-turn electric setting to drive and control the opening and closing of the valve. The operator can control the indoor and outdoor distance to control the valve, can also be operated manually on site, and can also cooperate with the computer to realize the automatic control of the computer. It is widely used in drainage, heating, power station, chemical industry, food, papermaking, pharmaceutical, coal, mining and other projects to meet the automation requirements of modern industry and agriculture.

    Electric gate valve is a valve that operates in a straight line. It is matched with Z-type multi-rotation actuator and has switch type and intelligent type. This kind of valve operation is very simple is one of the most common open-close valve, it uses the gate up and down operation to turn on and off the fluid medium in the pipeline. Optional; distribution gas controller.

    Features of electric double flange gate valve;

    Quick opening and closing, stable and reliable, high degree of automation.

    Installation height and position are not limited.

    Using explosion-proof electric device, it can work normally in flammable, explosive and even toxic gas environment.

    Equipped with manual, in case of power supply interruption, you can manually open or close the valve, effective control of the medium, to prevent accidents.

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