Multi-function water pump control valve
  • Multi-function water pump control valve

Multi-function water pump control valve




Applicable temperature:

0~80 ℃

Applicable medium:

Source water, clean water, sewage, oil, acid, lye

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  • Multi-function water pump control valve structure features: multi-function water pump control valve by the main valve and regulating valve and take over the system, the valve body using DC valve, the main valve control room for the diaphragm type or piston type double control room structure, control room than the general hydraulic control valve increased one, increase the main valve control function, to achieve the slow opening of the pump outlet, fully open, slow closing, cut-off and other multi-functional control, realize a valve, a regulation of the pump outlet multi-function control.

    Water pump control valve working characteristics;

    1. The effect of preventing water hammer is good. The technologies of eliminating water hammer, such as slow opening, check and quick closing, slow closing, etc., are integrated to prevent the water supply pipeline and water pump from being damaged by starting the pump without hammering, stopping the pump and backflow and water hammer.

    2, easy to operate, no need for the valve with another electronic control system, the valve with the pump to open and stop automatically and in order to complete the control function. Appropriate control parameters can be obtained by setting the valve opening.

    3. The valve body adopts full channel, DC type and streamlined design. The hydraulic loss is small and the energy saving effect is good.

    The working principle of the multi-function water pump control valve. When the water pump is started, the water pressure acts on the lower part of the main valve disc and the lower chamber of the control room. This pressure opens the main valve, and the water in the upper chamber of the control room is slowly discharged to the outlet through the regulating valve B. At the end, the main valve opens slowly. The opening degree of the regulating valve is set to obtain an appropriate opening speed of the main valve. When the water pump stops working, the water pressure at the inlet end drops rapidly, and most of the opening degrees are quickly closed under the action of self-weight and spring pressure, which prevents the water from flowing backwards. The remaining opening degrees are slowly closed under the combined action of the water pressure in the upper chamber and the water pressure in the lower chamber of the control room, and the closing speed slows down to form a buffer to prevent the pressure surge.

    This product is used for high-rise building water supply system and other water supply system of the pump outlet pipeline, to prevent and weaken the water hammer water hammer pipeline when the pump is opened and closed, to prevent the water back to protect the pump, maintain the safety of the pipeline.

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