DLZ Stacked Beam Gate
  • DLZ Stacked Beam Gate

DLZ Stacked Beam Gate





Applicable temperature:

≤ 120 ℃

Applicable medium:

Water, sewage

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  • Product Description
  • Detailed parameters
  • Characteristics and performance of DLZ stoplock gate

    DLZ stoplectic gate is a new type of gate developed and produced by our company, which is based on the advanced design of foreign countries. The gate is installed in the middle of the channel, and the stacked beams are manually put into the channel block by block. It has the advantages of simple operation, light weight, simple and quick assembly, corrosion resistance, reliable sealing, long life, and convenient maintenance. The product can be combined according to different channel width and water depth, widely used in water plants, sewage treatment plants, power plants, water pumps and other industries for closure. The pump station can also be used as a permanent gate when maintaining the cut-off water flow.

    DLZ stoplog gate is also known as stoplog gate and stoplog valve. The stoplog gate uses multiple separate gates, which are placed horizontally into the gate slot one by one and stacked to form a plane water retaining structure.

    DLZ stoplog gate has simple structure, light weight, small lifting force and convenient handling. However, due to the sealing effect of water stop between gate and gate by self weight, the integrity of water retaining structure is poor, the sealing amount by water level is poor, and the leakage amount is slightly larger than that of steel gate. Therefore, stoplog gate is suitable for temporary water retaining or overhaul gate. The stoplog gate is divided into two types: ordinary type and stoplog gate with pre-tightening device.

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  • Outline and connection dimension of DLZ stoplock gate

    Specifications Mounting dimensions
    A A1 B C C1 C2 D L L1 H
    1200*400 400 1650 1550 620 220 420 1350 1050 250 100
    1200*400 400 1650 1900 700 300 500 1650 1300 300 100
    3000*350 350 1850 3400 655 255 455 3170 2800 300 100
    5000*800 800 1750 5500 700 300 500 5000 4800 350 150