Waste gas valve
  • Waste gas valve

Waste gas valve





Applicable temperature:

≤ 450 ℃

Applicable medium:

Flue gas, waste gas and dusty gas

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  • Product Description
  • Detailed parameters
  • The waste gas valve belongs to the manual angle type stop valve, which is suitable for metallurgy, blast furnace and hot blast furnace system to cut off the waste gas of blast furnace for various gas pipelines.

    The working principle of the waste gas valve: The high-pressure gas (gaseous working medium and lubricating oil) from the compressor enters the waste gas valve, enters the guide leaf of the waste gas valve, and flows in a spiral shape along the guide leaf, relying on centrifugal force and gravity, The lubricating oil is separated from the working medium gas and left along the inner wall of the cylinder. The working medium gas is led out of the waste gas valve from the central pipe through the multi-air baffle. The separated lubricating oil is concentrated in the lower part of the oil separator and can be discharged regularly, or the floating ball valve can be used to automatically return the lubricating oil to the crankcase of the compressor.

    Waste gas valve is also called oil separator and pressure control valve. The installation between the compressor outlet and the condenser inlet improves the heat transfer effect in the condenser and the evaporator by separating.

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  • Shape and connection dimension of P41W-1C type electric and hydraulic waste gas valve

    DN D1 D2 D3 D4 L1 L2 L3 b n1-d1 n2-d2 H
    250 350 400 350 400 400 1060 1537 25 12-23 12-23 450
    300 605 660 395 450 500 1400 1677 28 16-25 12-23 555
    400 705 755 495 540 550 1670 1950 30 20-25 16-23 550