Hydraulic straight stroke equ1 pressure relief valve
  • Hydraulic straight stroke equ1 pressure relief valve

Hydraulic straight stroke equ1 pressure relief valve





Applicable temperature:

≤ 200 ℃

Applicable medium:


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  • Detailed parameters
  • Straight stroke pressure equaling release valve uses: pressure equaling valve, the release valve adopts hydraulic transmission mode, which is suitable for the discharge system pipeline of blast furnace and is used for diffusion and sealing. Its opening and closing position is controlled and fed back by electric signal.

    Straight stroke pressure relief valve is a control component in the fluid delivery system, with the functions of cut-off, regulation, diversion, prevention of reverse flow, pressure stabilization, diversion or overflow pressure relief, etc. It is used for the valve of the fluid control system.

    In the blast furnace system, a pressure equalization valve is commonly used to equalize the pressure between the furnace body and the size of the bell. At present, most of China's blast furnace in the sixties of the disc pressure valve, this structure of the valve is bulky, heavy, and loose structure, which to the user to replace the great inconvenience, in order to change this situation, our company designers according to the needs of users, combined with foreign advanced technology, developed a new type of replacement products-pressure relief valve. This kind of valve is small in size, light in weight, compact in structure and flexible in opening and closing. After being put on the market, it is welcomed by the majority of users.

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  • Outline and connection dimension of P42Y-1C straight stroke equizing relief valve

    DN D1 D2 D3 D4 L B1 B2 N-d L4 L2 H Cylinder diameter (mm) Oil port size
    200 350 390 300 350 664 20 22 12-18 710 470 1258 80 M27*2
    250 390 370 350 335 680 22 22 12-18 756 670 2490 63 M27*2
    300 430 520 380 480 1044 22 22 12-18 830 580 1644 80 M27*2