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  • Bell valve is mainly used for high temperature dust gas switch valve, blast furnace and gas furnace use more common, there are two types of dry and wet. It has the characteristics of compact structure, small area, strict air tightness and high reliability. The principle of the bell valve is very simple. The upper part is a cylindrical or conical bell, the bell is connected with the upper movable rod, the lower part is the air inlet, the sealing clock cover falls to seal the lower air inlet, otherwise the valve opens upward, and the outlet is set on the side.

    Bell valve

    It is mainly composed of synchronous running device of driving device, bracket, cylinder body, guide rod, valve body, valve disc, special limit setting and special escalator. Its operating principle is that when the driving device is energized, it rotates, and the lifting rope drives the guide rod, which is connected by the guide rod; the shaft transmits the movement to the valve disc, so that the valve disc moves up to achieve the purpose of opening. On the contrary, the driving device reverses and the valve disc falls to close.

    The gas enters the bell valve inlet pipe and leads to the release pipe from the side gas outlet. In normal operation, the clock cover is buckled on the inlet pipe, and the water seal has a height of about 500mm to maintain sealing. The bell cover is lifted or lowered by the lifting rod. The upper part of the bell valve has a cylindrical water seal, and the upper part of the lifting rod is an inverted water seal ring pipe, which is inserted into the cylindrical water seal, so that the gas will not leak from the pull rod during lifting. The lifting top is equipped with crown block, which is pulled by wire rope, and the end of the wire rope is equipped with counterweight; when the pressure in the gas generator rises, the bell valve can be opened automatically, and the pressure is released by the release pipe, so as to adjust the pressure in the furnace within the requirements of the process technology. In the event of sudden power failure, hot standby, and gas shutdown, the bell valve can be used to adjust the pressure in the furnace.

    Clock valve

    Bell valve by ordinary steel plate welding, in the two section of the furnace is generally installed in the upper section of the gas outlet pipeline, a single section of the furnace is generally installed on the outlet, the working principle is simple and reliable performance, for automatic or manual dispersion. The lower part of the bell valve has a gas inlet pipe, the outer part of the inlet pipe is a water envelope pipe, and the upper part is a cylindrical or bell-shaped water seal. In normal operation, the upper water cover covers the air inlet pipe in the water seal pipe. The height of the water seal in the water seal casing is about 500mm; There is a gas outlet pipe on the side communicating with the release pipe, and a cleaning port is provided to clean up the tar deposited inside at any time.

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