Water seal reverse water valve
  • Water seal reverse water valve

Water seal reverse water valve





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  • Product Description
  • Detailed parameters
  • The water seal reverse water valve is a new generation product developed by itself on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology. It is suitable for converter flue gas purification and gas recovery system. As a key equipment linked with pneumatic three-way gas switching valve, it is installed behind the three-way gas switching valve and before the gas tank to prevent the gas from flowing into the fan through the three-way valve when the three-way gas switching valve is not tightly closed.

    Water seal reverse water valve structure characteristics

    1. Water seal check valve is mainly composed of valve body, rotary cover, valve shaft, pneumatic device and water injection device, overflow device, water level control valve stem, heating and insulation device, etc.

    2. The use of fully enclosed shell, the operation of the medium does not leak out, to avoid environmental pollution

    3. In the fully open position, the flow resistance of the medium through the valve is close to zero. When the valve is outside and closed, the water seal can realize the automatic check and reliable partition of the gas.

    4. With automatic water replenishment function, so that the water level is always maintained between high and low water levels, and with high, low, limit low water level status display and limit low water level alarm device.

    5. Can realize remote and local control, and can realize computer interface.

    6. In the converter flue gas purification and gas recovery system, a control cabinet is shared with the pneumatic three-way gas switching valve and the pneumatic bypass gas cut-off valve to realize the interlocking automatic operation of the system.

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  • Parameters of water seal reverse water valve

    DN A*B A1*B1 n-d0 L1
    800 480*1050 580*1150 32-23 1500
    900 580*1100 680*1200 34-23 1500
    1000 880*900 960*980 40-23 1600
    1100 800*1400 920*1520 44-23 1600
    1200 800*1400 920*1520 44-23 1600
    1300 800*1500 1000*1620 44-23 1600
    1400 970*1540 1080*1650 44-23 1600
    1500 1080*1850 1220*1990 56-23 1600
    1600 1080*1850 1220*1990 56-23 1600
    1700 1150*1900 1298*2050 56-23 1600
    1900 1250*2000 1402*2150 56-23 1600