LXB-42 type explosion relief valve
  • LXB-42 type explosion relief valve

LXB-42 type explosion relief valve





Applicable temperature:

≤ 150 ℃

Applicable medium:

Compressed explosive gas

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  • Product Description
  • Detailed parameters
  • LXB-42-type explosion relief valve is used for pressure-bearing gas pipelines, container equipment and systems in its instantaneous pressure relief effect. It can ensure the safe operation of production, prevent accidents caused by overpressure explosion, eliminate damage to pipelines and equipment, and prevent overpressure explosion accidents, so as to ensure the safe operation of production.

    The LXB-42 type explosion relief valve is composed of valve body, blasting membrane, holder, valve cover, sealing ring and other parts. The blasting membrane is installed in the middle of the holder and connected with the valve body by hinges. When the system is overpressurized, the blasting membrane will break and release the pressure instantly. Between the valve body and the valve cover with a limit rebound device, the valve cover can be quickly reset after the bounce. The sealing ring of the valve cover can ensure that the air will not enter the system when the valve is under negative pressure. The vent valve can rotate the valve body and clamp with water skin when changing the blasting membrane, which is convenient and labor-saving to operate. The blasting membrane is prepared by the user according to the process characteristics. The company recently introduced several new explosion relief valves, LFXB rectangular explosion relief valve, LXB-42 type explosion relief valve, LXB-61 type explosion relief valve and other specifications of equipment. Customers can choose according to the requirements.

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  • Main performance of LXB-42 type explosion relief valve

    Model LFXB    LXB-42   LXB*-61
    Applicable blasting calculation pressure MPa 0.76
    Strength test pressure MPa 1.6
    Working temperature ℃ ≤ 350 ℃
    Applicable media explosive gas

    Shape and connection dimension of LXB-42 type explosion relief valve

    DN Overall dimension (reference value)
    L L1 D D1 H b N-d
    300 605 120 440 395 630 20 12-22
    400 730 140 540 495 780 24 16-22
    500 810 150 645 600 980 24 20-33