LFB Rectangular Explosion Vent Valve
  • LFB Rectangular Explosion Vent Valve

LFB Rectangular Explosion Vent Valve





Applicable temperature:

≤ 200 ℃

Applicable medium:

Air, explosive gas

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  • Product Description
  • Detailed parameters
  • LGB-type explosion relief valve is used for instantaneous pressure relief in gas pipelines, container equipment and systems under pressure. It can ensure the safe operation of production, prevent accidents caused by overpressure explosion, and eliminate the damage to pipelines and equipment. It is a safety device required by the symbol "Safety Supervision Regulations for Pressure Vessels. Suitable for explosion calculation pressure (absolute)<0.76MPa.

    LGB type explosion relief valve consists of a box body and an explosion-proof door. When the system pressure exceeds the design pressure, the explosion-proof door will automatically open for pressure relief to prevent the system from exploding. After the pressure is released, the system pressure is reduced, the explosion-proof door automatically returns under the action of the heavy hammer, and the blasting membrane is prepared by the user according to the process characteristics.

    A self-closing gas safety explosion relief valve produced by our factory has a short valve body pipe with flange, which is connected with a supporting ring through a screw rod. The screw rod is provided with a sliding valve stem, and the supporting ring is provided with a one-stage or multi-stage valve cover pressure limiting and limiting reset spring sleeve. It overcomes the defect that the previous explosion relief piece or heavy thallium explosion relief valve is open after being exploded, which causes external air to enter the gas equipment and pipeline, it has the functions of automatic explosion venting and automatic closing. It is suitable for the working environment of gas and air pipelines. It has reasonable structure, safe and reliable operation, convenient use, capital saving and suitable for the needs of modern industry.

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  • Main performance of LFB rectangular explosion relief valve

    Model LFXB    LXB-42   LXB*-61
    Applicable blasting calculation pressure MPa 0.76
    Strength test pressure MPa 1.6
    Working temperature ℃ ≤ 350 ℃
    Applicable media explosive gas

    Outline and connection dimension of LFB rectangular explosion relief valve

    A*A B*B C*c H
    400*400 560*560 620*620 350
    500*500 660*660 720*720 400
    600*600 760*760 820*820 450
    700*700 880*880 940*940 500